Paper captures a child’s dream
Travels throughout the world
Meets the canvas of a painter
Touches the heart of the buyer
And fulfills a dream of a better life


Paint a Future

Paint a Future was founded in 2000 by artist Hetty van der Linden, who paints with children in disadvantaged situations all over the world.
Renowned artists from dozens of countries are inspired by the children’s drawings and thus incorporate such a drawing into their own painting. These paintings are then sold, and the children’s dreams are realized with the proceeds.

Sail a Future

Children’s dreams carried by the wind. Sailing ships sail all over the world, each with their own mission, but also to make children’s dreams come true.
Children paint and write their thoughts about the future of our planet and the oceans on used, weathered sails. Bags are made from this, which carry the messages from the children so that the shopping bags become dream carriers.

Sing a Future

Feiko de Leeuw wrote a song called “Sing a Future” dedicated to all children across the world. After a few years, it has been sung in many languages ​​by children of different backgrounds from ​​very far apart places, mirroring the diversity of this world. Uniting the children, the song uses the artistic text, “Can you see me? Can you hear me? I am here for you”

Dance a Future

In the Dominican Republic, two large sails of the Tres Hombres ship were painted by pupils of the National Dance School. They danced on the sails with paint on their feet under the guidance of Stephanie Bauger. This was filmed and later projected on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. During the famous Salon d’Automne, the film of the Dominican dancers was projected on canvas.

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