Paint a Future was founded in 2000 by artist Hetty van der Linden, who paints with children in disadvantaged situations all over the world.
She asks the children to paint their dreams, to imagine that the paintbrush is a magic wand with which they can make their dreams come true.

Renowned artists from dozens of countries are inspired by the children’s drawings and thus incorporate such a drawing into their own painting. These paintings are then sold, and the children’s dreams are realized with the proceeds.
In this way, artist Peter Schenk realized the dream of Filipe, who drew a house. This house was built for Filipe with the proceeds from the painting. Blue and turquoise, exactly as in his dream.
With a painting from Paint a Future, there is not only a beautiful work of art on your wall. You also give a child the chance of a better future.
A child’s drawing becomes part of a painting, and the child’s dream comes true with the proceeds from the sale of the painting. Whether this is a house, a music instrument, or work for the parents: Paint a Future makes the children’s dreams come true.