Children’s dreams carried by the wind. Sailing ships sail all over the world, each with their own mission, but also to make children’s dreams come true.
Children paint and write their thoughts about the future of our planet and the oceans on used, weathered sails. Bags are made from this, which carry the messages from the children so that the shopping bags become dream carriers.
In addition to poverty reduction and supporting equal opportunities, this project is also about sustainability.

The sails are marked by wind, rain, and sea salt, by life, love, and hope. By being painted and reused, they neither pollute the environment nor end up as waste. The colorful sails are transformed into bags that not only carry your stuff but also the messages of children …
which makes them the carriers of the future.

At places that ships could not visit, such as Uganda and Taiwan, children painted on pieces of sails. Smaller bags have been sewn from this.

Three sailing ships sailing the world’s oceans with a special mission took this project on their journey.

Natuurtuin Slatuinen, De Baarsjes:
Children came to the nature garden to paint on recycled pieces of sail, expressing their concerns about the preservation of nature. These sails were then transformed into bags, and their sale proceeds were used to purchase new seeds for the nature park.

School at Sea, Amsterdam Noord:
Just before they left for a 6-month sailing trip around the world, the students from the School at Sea painted their heart’s wishes for a better world on the old sails. A beautiful poem was also written on the sails.